The PickMee! Fruit Company

Providing quality produce and service – building lasting trust

The PickMee! Fruit Company is the marketing arm of Sunfruit Orchards Ltd which owns and operates orchards in New Zealand with packing facilities in Waikato and Hawke’s Bay.

The origins of the company are very deeply steeped in the history of fruit growing in New Zealand. The first pioneers of the company started in 1910, over 100 years ago, and has continued to develop through good times and bad to the company it is today. The company is managed today by the same Altham family that started it all those years ago.

Our focus today is on sustainable modern production techniques in both growing and packing of standard and new varieties to service the requirements of our customers, the consumer, through various retail and wholesale outlets. PickMee! also manages fruit from the South Island regions.

We are industry professionals who believe in delivery of quality and service.


Quality Statement

The PickMee! Fruit Company shall identify customer product and service requirements and shall only grow, store and pack product that satisfies those needs, is safe to consume and meets all legal requirements.

We shall ensure our staff are trained and aware of the importance of quality and service and that they have all the necessary tools to carry out their job effectively and efficiently.

We shall communicate with staff and customers to continually improve the quality of our workplace, our performance and our products and services.

Vertical Integration


Our PickMee! growers fully understand that the abundance of nature is a gift that they cannot manipulate at random; nature will never get used to reckless intervention which disturbs the biological balance. With this understanding, we strictly adhere to environmentally friendly growing methods.

PickMee! Packhouses and Coolstores have fully accredited systems providing complete traceability of product and documented health and safety procedures.

Our commitment in the management and operation of PickMee! Fruit Company is to continually look beyond the horizon in anticipation of the needs of our customers, the consumers, as well as the needs of our growers and suppliers. Very simply, everything we do is geared toward long term relationships both on and off shore.