Supply volumes

The majority of supply is from our own orchards, but we also have a very loyal base of growers who enjoy being part of a small group who are totally involved in the “tree to the table” philosophy. We encourage our growers to meet our customers, enabling more opportunities to discuss the market and their requirements. Essentially we control the fruit we export.

PickMee Fruit Company prides itself on delivering exactly to the specifications of our individual customers.


  • United Kingdom
  • Europe
  • North America
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
  • South East Asia
  • Middle East
  • India
  • Pacific Islands
  • Australia
  • New Zealand


Our PickMee! growers fully understand that the abundance of nature is a gift that they cannot manipulate at random; nature will never get used to the reckless intervention which disturbs the biological balance. With this understanding, we strictly adhere to the environmentally friendly growing methods.

PickMee! Packhouses and coolstores have fully accredited systems providing complete traceability of product and documented health and safety procedures.

Our commitment in the management and operation of PickMee! Fruit Company is to continually look beyond the horizon in anticipation of the needs of our customers, the consumers, as well as the needs of our growers and suppliers. Very simply, everything we do is geared toward long term relationships both on and off shore.