PickMee! apple varieties


NZ Beauty

Developed in New Zealand as a natural cross between Gala and Splendour. This is a medium sized apple with a red blush over a pale cream background. Crisp juicy flesh with a sweet rich flavour.


Full of juice, crunchy and sweet, with excellent storage and handling properties. The great texture is maintained over time, and its firmness makes the apple more resistant to bruising.

Royal Gala

New Zealand’s largest volume variety and one of the world’s premium apple varieties. Features a bright red stripe over a creamy yellow background. Sweet, crisp flavour with firm, white flesh.



Candee apples take the bests attributes of Royal Gala and Splendour to give you an apple that has fantastic flavour that is crunchy, juicy and very sweet. It truly is “Natures Sweet Treat”. They are grown in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.



Shows a marvellous eating quality, being crunchy and juicy. It has also an attractive appearance due to its vivid red over colour, and shows good storage properties. It is a scab resistant variety.


Kiku apples are considered by some to be the sweetest apple in the world. They are crisp and juicy with a firm flesh.


Developed in Japan, but an all-American cross of Red Delicious and Ralls Janet. A very attractive modern apple, crisp, sweet-flavoured, and keeps well.

NZ Queen

A New Zealand exclusive apple, 80% of NZ Queen’s production is grown in the Hawke’s Bay region. NZ Queen is a bi-coloured apple with a stunning deep red skin colour. They are very crisp and juicy, with a sweet taste and clean white flesh.


Red Delicious

Red Delicious apples are an American classic with mild sweet flavours and only a few notes of acidity. Known for its bright red colour.

NZ Rose

Developed in New Zealand, NZ Rose tends to produce a larger sized apple. It has a rosy pink to red blush over a yellow background. It has creamy coloured, firm flesh and is very crisp, sweet and juicy.



Braeburn was the first of the new wave of bi-coloured supermarket apple varieties, and re-established the importance of flavour in commercial apples. Large, with a clean, semi-sweet flavour and crisp, juicy white flesh.


Granny Smith

The most instantly-recognised of all apples, and perhaps Australia’s most famous export. Bright green with crisp, white flesh. Refreshing and tangy, excellent for cooking.

Pink Lady (Cripps Pink)

One of the best-known modern apples, Pink Lady is actually a trademark and the variety is more correctly known as Cripps Pink. It has a pink blush over a greenish yellow base skin. Known as the queen of apples, it is crisp with a dense, firm flesh and an excellent, almost effervescent flavour. It has a high sugar content making it perfect for cooking.

PickMee! Green pears



A wide-bottomed pear, the Packham pear has green skin that ripens to a light yellow. The large pear is irregularly shapedand leans to one side. Its skin is covered in tiny, russet lenticels. Packham pears have a sweet and juicy white flesh with a smooth texture.

Doyen Du Comice

The skin is a green-yellow colour with some rusetting. When you hold it in the hand it feels quite heavy because of the high water content. The taste is sweet and very full. The flesh is very soft and melts in the mouth with no hint of crunchiness.

PickMee! Rusett pears

Beurre Bosc

Its brown skin has a relatively rough texture and can have hints of yellow or green. The pear’s white flesh is sweet, crisp, and firm to the touch.

Taylors Gold

A large pear that is almost round and has a golden-brown skin. It’s flesh is sweet, smooth and juicy.

Winter Nelis

An almost round shape pear. Most of the skin is lightly russeted with a light brown colour, turning slightly more yellow when fully ripe. It’s smaller than an average pear. The flesh colour is creamy. The taste of Winter Nelis pears is rich. It’s sweet and juicy with very little crunch to it.