Why are there stickers on my fruit?

  • Stickers are shows you where your apples are from and what variety they are, also allows branding so that you can recognise PickMee! Fruit in the supermarket.

Am I able to purchase fruit directly from you?

  • Depending on what volume of fruit you are looking for we can supply fruit for resale, we do not sell direct to the public however.

Why does fruit brown? What can I do to prevent browning?

  • Apples and pears brown when cut due to the oxidisation reaction with the air, this can be reduced substantially by rubbing some lemon juice on the exposed flesh.

Should I refrigerate my fruit?

  • Our fruit is refrigerated from the day it is picked, and that is the best way to store it at home as well.

Where is Pickmee! fruit sold?

  • PickMee! Fruit is sold all over the world, and in supermarkets right here in New Zealand.

Where is Pickmee! fruit grown?

  • We grow our fruit in Hawkes Bay and Waikato, and we have supply partners in Nelson and Central Otago.

Is Pickmee! fruit grown outside New Zealand?

  • We do not grow any fruit outside of New Zealand.

How many Pickmee! orchards are there in New Zealand?

  • We currently farm about 300 hectares of apples, pears and stone fruit throughout the country.

How is Pickmee! fruit delivered to the markets/shops?

  • We have a very short and controlled logistics system where our fruit is stored, packed and trucked from our facilities on a daily basis.

I would like to sell your products at my store. How do I get started?

  • We are happy to be in contact with anyone wanting to sell our products, email us at info@pickmee.co.nz to get something started.

Can you donate product for our event?

  • We are very supportive of different charities so please contact us if you would like us to consider donating some fruit to help your cause.